9 Tips for Dating in Your 40’s for Men Dating After 40 Rules for Guys

SAS offers women six FREE months of email coaching, action plans, checklists and support strategies How and Where To Meet Singles Over 40 in 2023 – Top Places To Find Them for you, and your future. As her daughter, I observed how Mum took the bull by the horns after her divorce. She did meet another man, John, a jazz musician, who moved in to live with us. They traveled together, went to concerts, and generally had an amazing time for five years until he sadly died of cancer. Mum remained single until her death in 2017 at age 83. Debby never pictured herself as a woman starting over after divorce at age 50+, but knows for sure that she is much happier to be on her own, answering to no one.

  • Since 2012, SAS for Women is entirely dedicated to the unexpected challenges women face while considering a divorce and navigating the divorce experience and its confusing afterward.
  • Soon after, many of you started engaging in longer courtships, and your circle of friends became smaller and tighter.
  • While it’s great to spend one-on-one time with your friends, try to attend social gatherings — such as parties, barbeques, or dinners — where new people will be present.
  • If nothing else you’ll get a vacation out of the deal and probably make a friend.

No one likes these types of surprises when it comes to dating, hence the show Catfish. Worst case – if you choose online dating photos when you had a full head of hair, and you’re now balding– the date isn’t going to go so well. There are several free apps available as well as paid sites to choose from. The top performers across the board for my clients are Hinge and Bumble, but I recommend diversifying your outreach with 5 different dating apps. Tell your friends that you are looking for a relationship and if they know someone you think would be a good fit, you would be open to getting set up with them or meeting them at an event. “Perhaps take a good hard look at some of your male friends and see if there is one that may stand out just a little.

Then you all landed your first “big boy” job in your chosen profession. Soon after, many of you started engaging in longer courtships, and your circle of friends became smaller and tighter. When a long marriage ends, the seeds of the marital failure may have been sown decades before. As my dear friend contends, long marriages rarely end on a whim. Don’t forget to consider your hobbies and interests, either. After all, the way you spent your free time during your marriage might not entirely align with your own personal goals for relaxation and downtime.

Are You Spending Your Time upon What Is Time-Worthy?

So, if you’re facing divorce in your 60s, you are not alone. At this stage, it’s not uncommon for one spouse to hide assets from the other. Not only is this not a good idea, if you’re doing it and you get caught, you’re going to incur the wrath of a judge and pay a heavy price in a settlement. In some cases, you may actually face criminal charges as well. Do what’s best for you and limit taking advice from well-intentioned friends who may think they know what’s best for you. When you remove the negativity of a bad relationship from your life, you’ll also be much nicer to be around. People pick up on things, and the more you send a smile out to the world, the more smiles you’ll get in return. In fact, it can be quite liberating as you strip away the unneeded layers that you thought you needed as a married person.

If you’re able, think about an uncontested divorce or a retaining a mediator who will focus only on specific problems that are holding up the completion of your divorce. Depending on how much wealth you’ve accumulated and under what circumstances, unraveling assets and deciding who gets what and how much can be ugly. In most cases, homes and retirement accounts are the biggest asset decisions that you make. Often, you can trade value for one against the other. But that assumes there is a level of cooperation taking place. As if that’s not enough, the social acceptance of divorce at any age is now more prevalent than ever.

Your children are probably grown and gone to face their challenges—the empty nest syndrome is real, and it is common. With no children at home to focus on, what was once a buffer has been stripped away. Two people who have been holding on and focusing on other human beings are now left to focus exclusively on each other. By the time you turn 60, you’ve lived the majority of your life. There is more of a focus on living out your remaining years with the highest possible quality of life. Sometimes, that means jettisoning a person you may have been married to for a long, long time. In the aftermath of divorce in your 40s, as long as the divorce was not a nuclear bomb that went off, there’s a higher chance you’ll eventually mellow and stay friends with your ex. Getting a divorce earlier in life tends to be an all or nothing proposition, and you’re inclined to be more emotional and burn bridges as a result.

Finest Dating Advise for Women Above 40

You’re learning the art of volunteering for your children’s various activities like coaching Little League, putting on PTA fundraisers, and the like. There can be positive outcomes to late-in-life heartbreak. Sometimes improved health and happiness in a new and different life is the positive ending. Sometimes the relief and peace of ending a tumultuous relationship is its own reward. And sometimes finding love again is the positive result of a painful process. Explain to them why this happened — if appropriate — and help them through the process.

As you can guess, with stress removed from your life, you’ll also be healthier, both physically and mentally. Stagnation and feeling like there’s no way out can gnaw on you and wear you down over time. When you release from this bond, a downward spiral can quickly become an upward and healthier spiral in your life. Socially, divorce in your 30s can be challenging as well. You may be conflicted about going out with friends or on a date on a Saturday night instead of staying home with your kids. There’s always that awkward possibility of running into your spouse’s friends or parents from your child’s playgroup.

From illustrator groups to motorcycle clubs, there are numerous types of meet-up groups that spark joy—and love. Usually, those in their 40s or older are done “playing games” with the people they date, like younger people. In many cases, you won’t even have to ask someone in their 40s if they like you–they will tell you their honest feelings toward you. As people age and learn from experience, they usually know what they want or don’t want by 40, becoming more vocal about these things. At this age, they usually also develop values and what is important to them. There’s no limit to the places where you can find single, available men over 40 who may be looking for someone just like you. It may be helpful to keep your options open and try many things.

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